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Sport Your Trainers - Anna Smrckova

There have been some amazing pledges made for our Sport Your Trainers campaign, but one Facebook fan’s pledge and enthusiasm for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games really stood out!

Anna Smrckova is a 20-year-old Biology student at St   AndrewsUniversity and a keen sports player. We caught up with Anna for her update on last year's pledge, and what she’s been up to since becoming our “Fan of the Week”.

Anna has come up with a novel idea on how to spread the ‘Sport Your Trainers’ word:

“My Sport Your Trainers pledge is to wear my trainers to my lectures on Commonwealth Day; on top of that I plan to co-ordinate my clothes in white, red, green, yellow and blue, promoting the Games in great fashion!

“I am also hoping that my fellow St Andrews students and residents get on board with the campaign and that my Commonwealth Day outfit will increase awareness and enthusiasm for the Games. Lots of my friends are involved too and we are really excited to Sport our Trainers on 12 March.”

After being featured on our official Facebook page, Anna’s encouraging comments and subsequent wall posts have made her a great ambassador for the Games:

“Being ‘Fan of the Week’ has encouraged me to sign up for the six-mile Sport Relief run on 25 March this year, which I am really looking forward to.

“I am really excited about the Commonwealth Games; it’s going to be a great event and having grown up in Glasgow I know the city will host the Games in a fantastic way. I cannot wait to see some of the events at Glasgow 2014 - if I have the chance I would particularly like to see the hockey. Watching the Internationals play would be amazing, as I have played hockey since school and continue to play for my University’s First XI.”

We can’t thank Anna enough for supporting the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in her unique way and pledging to Step Up with Sport Your Trainers. Good luck Anna, and keep us posted on all of your successes!


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