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Volunteering in Perspective – Catherine Thomas, Commonwealth Games Legacy Manager at Skills Development Scotland

Catherine Thomas

The eyes of the world will be on Glasgow next summer and rightly so but 2014 is about more than sport. The Games will bring opportunities to grow our economy, showcase Scotland to the world, positively change lifestyles and inspire people all over the Commonwealth.

An opportunity like this doesn’t come along every day and we want to help everyone involved make the most of it – the Glasgow 2014 legacy is something my colleagues and I are passionate about and determined to capitalise on.

Next summer thousands of people will share in an amazing experience, enjoy the chance to try something different and have the opportunity to learn new skills. For us, that’s what the Games are all about – the beginning and not the end of a process.

Who knows where Glasgow 2014 will lead you? That’s where we can help, no matter where you’re from in the UK or beyond!

I know many of you reading this will have fingers and toes crossed as you wait to learn the outcome of a Clyde-sider application (I wish you all the best of luck) but no matter how your personal journey ends, with the New Year fast approaching this is a perfect time to start thinking about what you’d like to take-away from your own Games experience.

Along with our friends in Glasgow 2014 and other partners, we’re developing a special web-page that will provide information on a wide range of Games related opportunities and advice. If you miss out on a Clyde-sider role these resources will help you find other ways to get involved in Glasgow 2014 or even plan your next career move.
In the meantime a wide range of services that could help you prepare for the Games and plan for the future are already available through and I’d encourage you to have a look and make use of the services available.

This is an exciting time for all of us - especially in Glasgow. The Games will be here before we know it and I think our New Year celebrations in a few weeks’ time will be extra special as a result.

I wish you all the best of luck with your Clyde-sider applications and a very happy, sporting, 2014!

Catherine Thomas

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